interior design

unique like you


Personally curated interiors by Val Valdez will always be unique. We pride ourselves on creating, not copying, expressive design plans that reflect the client, not the interior designer. Starting your project with a trained and qualified professional interior design firm is an invaluable asset when improving your most valuable possession, your home. Val Valdez is fully committed throughout the entire process, to help prevent costly errors most homeowners fall prey to, such as purchasing over-sized furniture that is not proportionate to its space. Revitalize Design will draw scaled floor plans for your rooms, while specifying clearances, and personalizing each area to your needs. This attention to detail is an essential element which effectively yields a safe and enjoyable home for your family. Revitalize Design consistently creates homes that are functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing with the highest level of efficiency.

“My approach to design is to create an environment that is an extension of the client's personality and lifestyle, which is always unique”.

-Val Valdez