We offer TWO types of services

Interior Design
for clients who are STAYING put and want to enhance their home

and REAL ESTATE Staging for clients who are sellING their home




“I did NOT get handed a bunch of catalogs, fabric swatches, and homework... or have to review a multitude of web pages... or hire someone only to have the entire process handed back to me to make all of the decisions. Val just took the ball and ran with it.”
- Jared Greene

“Val is absolutely amazing! She has worked on several projects for me, from staging to decorating and always wowed me and my clients. Her vision is always several steps ahead and I couldn't be any happier. I definitely highly recommend her for any of your design needs!!”
- Ash Morsi

“If you are looking for an interior designer who is professional, exciting, and knows exactly what they are doing...then look no more!! It was a pleasure working with Val Valdez. She looks at all details and takes into consideration your personality, budget and how she can achieve your desires without breaking the bank. Her warm welcoming spirit made it easy for us to communicate. She has great ideas and transformed my house into a beautiful, peaceful, aesthetically pleasing home. Now, when people walk into my place they say WOW...this is really Nice!! I love it!!”
- Carol Helton